Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan Extremely Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise


The rise in the sea level makes the coastal landmass comprising Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Pakistan extremely vulnerable.

* Around 6-8% of flood prone Bangladesh is expected to be submerged under water by 2030.

* The Indian coastal landmass, which has 20 million coastal inhabitants, will be submerged if there is a global increase in temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.

* The coastal inhabitants in the Pakistani provinces of Sindh and Balochistan are expected to experience a decline in drinking water quality and a decrease in fish and shrimp numbers.

* Already Bangkok (Thailand) has been sinking 10 centimetres every year, placing the city at risk of submerging into the sea within a matter of few decades.

* A substantial portion of the Myanmar’s coastal areas is predicted to be submerged under water by 2050.